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    Selection of environments from my current project in progress. Based on the ‘Jewelfire’ novels by Freda Warrington. More work to be found here.


    freda warrington jewelfire trilogy amber citadel ardhakria forest riverwynd village napheneth quarry snowscape heliodor tower tower digital painting Hayley Merrington concept art Environment 

  3. Hell

    Environment concept for a project based on Sun Tzu’s ‘Art Of War’. 

    For WIPs, click on image :)


    hell concept art Environment Hayley Merrington art of war lava cavern 

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    Been a long time…

    Been a long time since I have updated this blog, have been busy with lots of uni work which you can see at: http://hayleymerrington.blogspot.co.uk/

    Here is a taste of what I have been doing:

    (From an exercise to produce a teaser poster for a movie)


    aztec alien spaceship sci-fi pyramid poster teaser Hayley Merrington 

  5. 'Amber Citadel' Project

    Some paintings I have been doing for one of my projects at the moment, based on Freda Warrington’s novel, ‘The Amber Citadel’. These are several depictions of the races mentioned in the novel.






    'The Amber Citadel' Freda Warrington Zampherai Aelyr Bhadrahdomen Hayley Merrington concept art digital painting 

  6. For whoever might be interested in the kind of work I am doing on my masters, this is the link to my uni blog. I post the occasional piece on this blog, but the rest can be found there.


    Hayley Merrington MA concept art for games and animation concept art university blog 

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    Aztec High Priestess- Update

    Two more options for my Aztec High Priestess character; one very old, one very young.


    aztec Priestess old woman child alien Hayley Merrington sci fi digital painting 

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    WIP- Aztec High Priestess

    Project for my MA, based around the theories and ideas of Eric Von Däniken. We are focusing on the ancient Aztec civilisation and re-imagining it with alien interference.

    This is the Aztec High Priestess, still a wip, but getting there.


    aztec priestess woman throne alien sci-fi fantasy hayley merrington 

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    Plague of de Plata

    Have been working on an extra-curricular project for uni, set by some students on MA Games Design… or some such similar subject. 

    "The year is 1610. The place is a tributary of the Amazon river. As our hero floats downstream on a raft made of the remains of his river boat, he approaches the overgrown ruins of a recently abandoned city.

    Alphonso de Plata thinks he is the last remaining conquistador of a squadron sent out to find out what happened to an expedition that went upstream 50 years earlier. This had been pursuing rumours from the local tribespeople of a fabulously wealthy civilisation, protected by a death cult.
    Alphonso punts into the dock in search of food. At first the city appears devoid of any signs of life, but then he comes across a helmet. Other signs appear that suggest a sudden plague has destroyed this civilisation. Eventually he finds the steps of the central ziggurat and climbs to the top. Now it is dusk. As he looks out over the ruins there seem to be hints of movement…”

    So we need to create:

    3 environments:
    A tributary of the Amazon
    A ruined pre-Colombian city
    A ziggurat temple
    Alphonso de Plata, and 2 other survivors
    Conquistador zombies
    Pre-Colombian civilisation zombies
    Amazonian tribal zombies
    Spanish sword
    Muzzle loading musket
    Tribal bow & arrow

    Here is a quick speedpaint of the Amazon river to get started…


    amazon speedpaint Environment concept art Hayley Merrington 

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    Aztec Environment- Part 3

    Another speedpaint for the aztec project. Not liking this one so much, but here it is anyway: 


    aztec Alien spaceship spacecraft pyramid Environment Hayley Merrington digital painting concept art 

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    Aztec Environment- Part 2

    Same concept, different environment. Still playing with colours.

    I think I like the first and second best…


    aztec mayan sci-fi Alien spacecraft spaceship Hayley Merrington concept art environment digital painting 

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    Aztec Environment

    Playing around with some ideas for the environment for the Aztec project. Here is the first (very rough) environment concept, have been playing around with colours and trying to find a palette that works.


    aztec mayan pyramid mesoamerican Hayley Merrington spacecraft spaceship sci-fi digital painting 

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    Aztecs & Aliens

    Our new project is based around the theories and ideas of Eric Von Däniken . We are focusing on the ancient Aztec civilisation and re-imagining it with alien interference.

    So to begin, we have to develop an alien leader and an Aztec leader. Here is the first concept for the alien leader, still needs lots of development. It’s a typical looking alien, and I think I might have been influenced too much by Starcraft’s protoss…


    alien alien leader eric von daniken Hayley Merrington digital painting 

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    The Lady Of Shalott

    This is due in tomorrow, so it is as finished as it is going to get.

    It’s not perfect, but it will do, I’m pretty much happy with it. So many details, so little time. Still, not bad for under a weeks work.


    the lady of shalott john william waterhouse Hayley Merrington digital painting pre-raphaelite 

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    That’s Shalott!

    First week of my MA! Our first assignment is to choose our favourite image, and reproduce it. Mine is the Lady Of Shalott by John William Waterhouse. So anyway, here is my progress so far:






    Stay tuned for more!


    Hayley Merrington John William Waterhouse copy digital painting the lady of shalott pre-raphaelite